During my initial run for county council, I had the pleasure of meeting retired TNT editor Paul O. Anderson. Paul and his lovely wife Kay answered the door at their Stadium Way home. Paul served in the Navy during WWII and mentioned he had joined up before the war. I asked where he was stationed and what his thoughts were when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Paul, in his usual nonchalant manner, replied, “I was there.”
Paul was on the ship next to the Arizona in the opening salvo of the attack. He was on the deck when he saw a torpedo heading straight for his ship. He figured, well this is it. The torpedo went under his ship and Paul spun around to see the torpedo he thought had his number strike the Arizona.
Paul served in the Navy and left service after the war. He married Kay and settled in Tacoma. Paul was a great editor for the TNT and Kay was a rock star realtor, being named Realtor of the Year. He died shortly after we met and Kay passed in 2017.
Thanks for your service, Paul.