Washington Roots

Tim Farrell has a lifelong commitment to protecting neighborhoods and our environment.  Descendant of a Great Northern Railroad family, Tim Farrell’s ancestors settled in Washington shortly after statehood.  Tim grew up in Los Angeles and built a reputation as an advocate for neighborhood. Working under the guidance of former Los Angeles Planning Commissioner Bill Christopher, he helped create PLAN LA, a coalition of neighborhood groups in the greater Los Angeles area.  During his college years, he spearheaded opposition to the California State Water Project in San Luis Obispo and successfully ran a referendum campaign to block the project. Tim graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s Degree in Business.

Returning to his family home, Tim worked as legislative staff in the State House and State Senate before being elected to the Pierce County Council in 2004.  Although he was often only one of two democrats on the seven member council, Tim was able to work collaboratively to:

  • expand the nature preserve at Snake Lake
  • push for legislation to increase Agricultural preservation and protect the rural separator which provides a buffer between Puyallup and Tacoma
  • Increase the county’s rainy day fund before the economic downturn which allowed for Pierce County to protect our commitment to the environment and protect public safety investments.  Tim would later expand our savings commitment which will benefit our county should we ever face another downturn
  • Created a Historic Landmark and Historic Resources conservation grant to provide matching funds to local jurisdictions to protect historic buildings and conserve archival records

Tim left the council in 2013 and joined the Washington State Parent Teacher Association as their Olympia advocate that fall.  Tim continued his reputation for advocacy by working with the board to push the legislature to meet the commitment of the McCleary Decision to fully fund edication for all students in Washington State. He also worked on the Breakfast After the Bell program, helping economically disadvantaged students get the nutrition they need to achieve their educational goals.

In 2015, Tim was hired by the Washington State Department of Health to be the policy and legislative development director for health systems.  His portfolio has allowed him to be on the front lines of Governor Inslee’s push to revitalize our Behavioral Health System.

Tim lives in the Wedge District with his husband Vitaly Moshkovich.  He and Vitaly have three cats, Bailey, Cowboy and Squirmy, a hen named Frick, and a very temperamental gander named Will.

Strong Leadership Experience

Tim Farrell has the leadership experience we need in Pierce County:

  • Former Member, Pierce County Council (2004-2012)
  • Former Member, Charter Review Commission for City of Tacoma
  • Former Member, Charter Review Commission for Pierce County
  • Former Member, Shorelines Hearings Board
  • Former Member, Pierce Transit
  • Former Chairman, Pierce County Democrats
  • Former Chairman, Tacoma City Planning Commission

He currently serves on the board of the Western Washington Heritage Museum and has been a longtime advocate for the arts.  Tim is married to Vitaly Moshkovich and has two cats, a chicken, and one surly gander named Will.

Legislative Priorities

Tim is seeking election to the County Council District 4 Seat to share his extensive experience in Behavioral and Public Health, protect our environment, improve housing options, and ensure accessible, accountable, and ethical government and law enforcement in Pierce County.

Tim Farrell reads Mother Goose to his literal goose.