Vitaly, Tim, and Cowboy the cat on the porch of their home in Tacoma

Vitaly, Tim, and Cowboy the cat on the porch of their home in Tacoma (L to R)

It’s Tim!

I am running for Pierce County Council and I’d like to share with you my background and the goals I would like to accomplish serving you in county government.

Tim and Vitaly’s Story

My husband Vitaly and I live near the Hilltop. We met in Siberia and we were married in 2012. Had it not been for the Supreme Court giving us the ability to marry, Vitaly would have been deported back to Russia and an uncertain future. This experience and my exposure to our broken immigration system has driven me to be a forceful advocate for equity – fighting discrimination and hate wherever it is found.

Fixing our justice system

My commitment to equity has driven me to take the lead in this campaign by proposing a series of important changes to policing, corrections, and the judicial system. Our community has witnessed a call to action, yet the change we need has not yet taken place. We need to keep pushing until the system is responsive and fair to everyone.

Read more about my proposals to reform our Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Corrections Department, and Court System.

Fighting the pandemic

My day job is working for the Washington State Department of Health as a policy director. With the lack of leadership in the other Washington, it is critical that we have people who understand public health and county government so we can turn science into policies of action.

Infection rates are escalating in our county and we need to take action now. The county needs to ensure that lower income residents have access to face masks and we all need to work together to educate our friends and neighbors on the importance of being safe.

Fixing our broken behavioral health system

My expertise is not limited to public health, but also behavioral health. I helped lead the charge to change how we deliver behavioral health services in Washington. I want to bring my expertise home to Pierce County so we can create an outcome based, peer driven, patient centered behavioral health system that serves all of our community.

My experience on the Pierce County Council

From 2005 to 2013, I served you as your Pierce County Councilmember from this district. I supported farmland preservation, reforming our justice system, pushed for transfer of development rights (TDR), created the historic preservation grant program, and passed one of the strongest ethics ordinances in the state.

Pierce County was prepared for the Great Recession because I worked across the aisle with my colleagues to increase Pierce County’s reserve account. Before I left office, my colleagues and I pushed to see that savings account increased to be at least 15% of the county budget. It was that decision that makes it possible for the current council to protect critical social services.

I would like to bring my expertise in county government, equity in justice, public health, and behavioral health back to Pierce County. Over the next two weeks, I want to share the progressive policies I want to bring home to our county.

Let’s talk soon!

I would love to speak with you in person – my phone/text number is (253) 431-8081 and my e-mail address is [email protected]

I look forward to the chance to work with you.