Climate Change, Housing and Solving Homelessness

This is the final policy message I will be offering before the primary. I wanted to have these conversations so you knew that I was all about policy and so you knew who I was and where I stood. It has been fun sharing these thoughts with you, and I hope that we can continue to do this for a long time.

Behavioral Health Infographic

Comprehensive Behavioral Health in Pierce County

The term “Behavioral Health” means health afflictions including mental health disorders, substance use disorders, and problem gambling. For many years, behavioral health treatment was almost exclusively funded at the state and federal level. As those resources rarely met the needs of the people in crisis, the state passed legislation to allow counties to tax themselves 0.001% to help fund local programs to meet the expanding need.

Pierce County Residents’ Bill of Rights

Pierce County residents deserve a council they can trust. Often, politics, lack of public outreach, and outdated rules stand in the way to make our government transparent, effective, and accountable. I will push for these changes on the first day I take office by amending our council rules and offering additional proposals to incorporate these changes into law.

Court Reform

Stop charging credit card interest rates on court ordered restitution.
Reduce trial delays by adding two new judicial departments.
Statute of Limitations for traffic tickets and minor civil fines.
Promote behavioral health recovery with tested diversion programs.

Corrections Reform

I worked with Defense Bar early this year to develop legislative proposals to bring equity to our criminal justice system:

Only those who need to be incarcerated should be in our jail.
Basic human needs should be provided for those incarcerated.
Provide shelter or services for after-hours releases.

Beginning the transition from “Law Enforcement” to “Police Service”

Pierce County must fully implement the provisions of I-940, demilitarize the Sheriff’s Department, end qualified immunity, and require bodycam use for all Sheriff’s deputies.

Washington Health Plan Finder – Open Enrollment till May 8!

The Washington State Health Care Authority has re-opened enrollment until this Friday, May 8. Please go to for more information on how to restart your health insurance coverage.

Social Distancing Saves Lives

My name is Tim Farrell. Some of you know me as a candidate for Pierce County Council; today I want to talk to you just as Tim. I know that many people feel they won’t be affected by the coronavirus that’s currently ravaging this nation. They want to get back to work, stop the isolation, and return to a normal life. I want to let you know, from personal experience, why that’s a bad idea.

Pierce County Government Must Serve the Citizens of Pierce County

The Council Should Meet When Citizens Can Attend

Pierce County Council should schedule regular evening meetings of the full Council and its Committees to increase public access to our government and allow for deeper citizen participation.

Pierce County Government Must Serve the Citizens of Pierce County

Ethics in Pierce County Government