Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I want to thank the voters of this district for the opportunity to serve you in the past as your County Councilmember.  This year, our county will undergo a charter review process which takes place once a decade. The Charter is the Constitution of Pierce County, and I believe that we need to update the charter to reemphasize that government decision making needs to be made in public.  Because I have a deep understanding of our County Charter, its history, where it is effective, and where it has fallen short, I am announcing my candidacy for Charter Review Commissioner for District 4 Position #2. 

When I served you on the county council, I pushed for policies that support open government, encouraging ample public comment, and making government meetings more accessible.  I will push for a charter review process that is equally open with discussions across the county and meetings in the evening and on weekends so that citizens have a chance to participate.  At the very least, the county should make our audio deliberations available for access, if not televised.  Citizen comment period should occur at the beginning of each meeting or at a time most convenient to the public.

We need to work together to make our county more responsive to the citizens it serves and a more willing partner with local communities.  Our citizens deserve a government that is more open, accessible, accountable, efficient, and effective.  I ask for your vote to help bring this vision to reality.



Timothy M. Farrell

Candidate for District 4 Position #2

Pierce County Charter Review Commission


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